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November 2014 Blog Articles
How Peachtree Quantum Software Can Make a Big Difference in Business
It can be risky for businesses to undergo major redevelopments without some assurance that the changes would lead to profits; that is why they need suitable accounting software to give themselves a better view of their current situation. One popular restaurant franchise experienced such a drastic makeover, according to an article on the Forbes website, dated November 5, 2014. The article elaborates that this particular restaurant chain’s franchisees were initially skeptical of the bold new changes their brand was taking, but thanks to powerful software, they were finally convinced:

Take Advantage of Tax Breaks and Other Opportunities with Sage Quantum
Mid-Market and Tenderloin may not be part of San Francisco's Financial District per se, but are economically significant nonetheless. The presence of Mid-Market’s most notable resident, Twitter, is enough to influence the local financial atmosphere. Not surprisingly, Mayor Ed Lee plans to keep it that way.

In 2011, Lee enacted an ordinance that allowed select businesses in Mid-Market and nearby Tenderloin to take advantage of tax breaks. This measure is officially called the Central Market/Tenderloin Payroll Expense Tax Exclusion, but it's popularly known as the "Twitter tax break." Businesses within the ordinance's specified areas and buildings are eligible.

October 2014 Blog Articles
Make the Shift to Peachtree Quantum Business Accounting Software Today
If you’re looking to start a business, the financial workings of it should be the first consideration. Specifically, you should look for an accounting software reliable enough to meet your needs and provide accurate data that won’t get you into trouble with the IRS. Programs like Sage Peachtree Quantum, now known as Sage 50, could help your business in so many ways.

In Need of Sage Quantum Software? Accounting Needs of Small Businesses
Some small business owners think that just because they’re starting out, they wouldn’t need the help of an accountant or reliable software like Sage Quantum. Within months, however, they will begin to notice the stack of undone financial paperwork on their desks. The truth is, no matter the size of the enterprise, it’s never too early to get your books sorted out.

September 2014 Blog Articles
Facts about Software like Peachtree Quantum: Taking the First Steps
Investing in efficient accounting software like Peachtree Quantum is an excellent option for your small business, especially if you aren’t exactly in a position to hire a team of accountants just yet.  Currently, many people are still on the fence about the benefits that a digital accountant can offer them.  Conversely, their doubt can be eliminated with some insight and new knowledge.  Here are some facts you should know before you buy or upgrade your software:Read More

Features you should look for in Accounting Software like Sage Quantum
Accounting is essential for any business- even small ones- because the very nature of your enterprise deals with finances on a regular basis.  This is why many people look into sellers like Quantum Buyers for efficient accounting software like Sage Quantum.  Here are some of the most important features you should be on the lookout for:Read More

August 2014 Blog Articles
The Peachtree Quantum Magic: A Charming Business Solutions Software
Managing business finances is no joke. After all, accounting is a rough job with numbers that needs an organized database. PCMag.com’s latest review with Sage 50 Quantum Accounting, formerly known as the Peachtree Quantum series, makes it sound like a business solution software classic:  Read More

Upgrading to Sage Quantum Software: Why Small Businesses should Do It
“The financial side of running a small business is essential to profitability and success. Keeping on top of your accounting needs cannot be overlooked.” That sage advice comes from small business expert Darrell Zahorsky. In an article for About.com, Zahorsky discussed why, as a small business, you need to upgrade your accounting software in a timely and proper manner.  Read More

July 2014 Blog Articles
How Software Like the Peachtree Quantum System Help in Managing Taxes
An improved system of recording every transaction can bring about changes that might have a positive impact on an organization’s overall situation. In a recent article for Entrepreneur magazine, personal finance writer Karin Price Mueller advised individuals and owners of small businesses to keep tabs on and organize their potential tax deductions so that these can be used come tax filing time:  Read More

How Software Like Sage Quantum Fulfills Various Bookkeeping Needs
Managing a business is an intricate process that demands the utmost care and diligence. Effective business management and systematic recording are some of the cornerstones of a successful venture, as anyone familiar with modern business practices, such as California accountant and financial instructor Raffaele Mari, can attest to: : Read More

June 2014 Blog Articles
Free Trial Version: Get to Know a Sage Quantum Product before Purchase
Downloading a free trial version of a Sage 50 Quantum (formerly Peachtree Quantum 2013) software is the best way to get to know the product before you buy it. The trial version will let you know if the application is a perfect match for your operations. It is also a way to confirm if the program will work on your existing devices. : Read More

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting Software: Moving Your Business Forward
The 2015 version of Sage 50 Accounting Software is more powerful than ever. Available in different versions (Pro Accounting, Premium Accounting, Quantum Accounting, and Accountant Edition) Sage 50 helps you get more work done every day, from accounting to payroll and credit card processing. When it comes to the tools and functions you need to make profit-boosting business decisions, Sage 50 Accounting can’t be beat. : Read More

May 2014 Blog Articles
Simplified Product Line for Sage 50 2015
Sage has made some changes with the introduction of the 2015 product line. Learn how this will affect BusinessCare and product upgrades and the new features you'll receive : Read More

April 2014 Blog Articles
Advanced Security Controls for Sage 50
Regardless of how much you trust employees, you still need to take necessary steps to protect your business. Learn how to protect your business and the integrity of your data using Sage 50 Quantum advanced security controls: Read More

March 2014 Blog Articles
Peachtree Quantum 2013 Software—Just One Way to Avoid Payroll Errors
There are three types of days that employees most look forward to: weekends, holidays, and most importantly, pay days. Just imagine your staff’s dismay if accounting errors suddenly render their salaries lower than usual. Unfortunately, even one of the nation’s top universities isn’t immune to payroll errors, as this article from The Harvard Crimson reports:  Read More

How Accounting Software Like Sage Quantum Prevent Bookkeeping Errors
Courts don't only mete out jail sentences, they also collect fines, which ultimately become part of the town or city's coffers. Of course, any institution that handles money requires strict accounting to ensure that money is remitted and spent properly. However, this isn't always the case, as this article published on PressConnect.com illustrates:  Read More

February 2014 Blog Articles
Balancing Act: Accounting Processes Enhanced via Sage Quantum Products
An interesting news feature posted on the Tech Page One website from February 20, 2014 discusses the advantages of cloud-based accounting for small businesses. While not necessarily a new technology, cloud hosting has recently gained popularity due to the unparalleled convenience it delivers. The article stresses that small businesses can greatly benefit from cloud-based accounting software:  Read More 

Top-notch Sage 50 Quantum Solutions Make Tax Preparation Easier
An article on the Forbes website posted February 7, 2014 weighs in on whether businesses should hire accountants or simply utilize tax software of their own. Taxation laws can be very tricky to comply with; business would do well to take advantage of any method that makes the tax preparation process easier. The article arrives at the following conclusion after comparing both methods:  Read More 

January 2014 Blog Articles
Sage Quantum and Other Accounting Software Can Streamline Operations
Sage Quantum and other accounting software can help streamline business operations, according to tech news platform CBROnline.com. In an interview with Sage Exchange, the website listed 10 ways that an efficient bookkeeping program can reduce overall time and costs spent on running essential business processes.  Read More 

How Peachtree Quantum Can Help Improve Business Accounting Processes
Accounting plays an integral role in business operations, and it factors heavily in the success of the whole enterprise. This is why entrepreneurs must make sure that they are accurately accomplishing their bookkeeping processes. Fortunately, there are several accounting programs such as Peachtree Quantum, now called Sage 50 Quantum, which are designed to help manage business accounting, and make it more efficient.  Read More 

December 2013 Blog Articles
How Sage 50 Quantum Accounting Software Benefits Your Business
An effective accounting solution helps small to medium-sized enterprises understand and monitor their business performance through accurate financial reports and automatic audit trails.  Read More 
Managing Payroll Records with Sage 50 Quantum Software
From making sure employees are paid on time to ensuring all tax regulations are being followed, payroll management can be one of the most tedious tasks a busines owner completes each month.  Read More

November 2013 Blog Articles
The Value of Sage 50 Quantum Software for Managing a Business
Managing a business is hard work, regardless of whether it's a giant corporation or a humble enterprise that's going places. With your wits and your organizational skills, you can either make or break your company. In this blog article, learn some important tips on business management that every office leader should keep in mind.  Read More
Automating Business Operations with Sage 50 Quantum Software
Through the years computerized accounting systems have provided major advantages such as speed and accuracy of operation, reduction in duplicate data entry and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to see the real-time state of the company's financial position.  Read More

October 2013 Blog Articles
The New 2014 Sage 50 Quantum: Simple Made Even Simpler
Accounting virtually went back to the dark ages when Sage's servers crashed for more than 24 hours, Gavin Clarke of The Register reported earlier this September. New and existing accounts that upgraded to the all-new Sage 50, formerly Peachtree Quantum 
were left without an accounting suite and resorted to writing invoices and ledger entries by hand. The service was eventually restored, with the server crash attributed to the firm's database provider. Nevertheless, the so-called “blackout” showed something worth noting.  Read More

Sage 50 Blackout Shows Reliance of Businesses on Peachtree Quantum Software
Sage 50 has entered its second year under a brand new Sage line. So far, it's as strong as it had been during the days when it was known as Peachtree. The change in naming convention, which occurred in May 2012, is set to make the Sage brand even stronger, grouping all its products like one big happy family. Relatively speaking, Sage 50 is still the Peachtree small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have known and loved. Pedro Hernandez of Small Business Computing, however, says it's only better than ever.  Read More 

September 2013 Blog Articles
You Think You've Outgrown Your Sage 50 Accounting System - Now What?
Your Sage 50 business accounting software provided you with the bookkeeping capabilities you needed to get your company started, but you've grown, have more customers, more employees, more data and more demands.  Read More 

Business Management Software Has Evolved Greatly Over The Years
Over the years, business management software has evolved from basic accounting software to integrated solutions that manage almost every area of your business.  Read More 

August 2013 Blog Articles
When Should a Small Business Start Using Business Intelligence?
Business Intelligence is included with each Sage Business Care plan.  If you are a current subscriber or are purchasing a new Sage 50 solution, you have access to Business Intelligence tools.  Read More  

Benefits of Sage 50 Quantum Business Care Plans
Along with annual version upgrades, and regular software updates, Sage Business Care plans now provide users with their annual payroll tax updates.  Read More

July 2013 Blog Articles
Considerations When Choosing a Software Solution
We've helped a number of companies choose software solutions that best fit their needs.  Through these years, we've learned a few important areas that should be considered when evaluation new software for your business.  Read More 
A Closer Look at Sage 50 Quantum
Sage 50 Quantum delivers a lot of benefits to help small businesses maximize their investment and stay on track.  I makes your business life easier and helps organize and manage your business.  Read More   

June 2013 Blog Articles
What's New in Sage 50 Quantum 2014
The 2014 release of Sage 50 Quantum Accounting simplifies everyday tasks so you can get the right work done.  It also includes tools that provide guidance to help you make informed decisions, and lets you customize and adapt Sage 50 to meet your needs.  Read More
What to Look for in Accounting Solutions
Accounting can be a tedious aspect of any business.  It's also one area where mistakes can result to devastating problems.  Fortunately, companies can now get accounting solutions to make sure they're managing their finances accurately.  However, only the right product will yield the best results.  Read More
May 2013 Blog Articles
Is Your Sage 50 Quantum Software Contributing to Your Success?
Accounting/business management software played a significant role for companies during the recent recession.  Did yours give you the edge you needed for success?  Read More

Accounting As Easy As 1, 2, 3!
Let’s face it, not all of us like math, but the fact is we deal with math every day. No matter how much you dislike numbers, you cannot avoid them, especially if you are running a business.  Math comes in the form of money, taxes, and income. Figures can make or break your company. You need to do the math properly, and your success depends on how well you manage your funds. Do you know what it takes to make life easy?  Read More

April 2013 Blog Articles
Sage 50 Quantum Software Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn to use your Sage 50 Quantum software like a pro!  Keyboard shortcuts are always a popular request, so we've compiled a list of the handiest keyboard shortcuts available in most versions of Sage 50 Quantum.  Read More

Does Your Credit Card Processing Integrate with Sage 50?
Did you know you can cut data entry time in half by processing credit card sales and returns in a single step within your Sage 50 Quantum software?  Read More