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Sage 50 Quantum 2015

Sage 50 Quantum 2015 (previously known as Peachtree Quantum) is considered the number one software to come out of the Sage family. With the highest level of performance yet, this product offers incredibly fast access to important company information as well as a variety of top-notch features for your convenience. This impressive line up includes internal accounting checks and double-entry accounting. In addition, this software provides internal accounting checks, powerful reporting, and advanced analytics to keep you up to speed on your business performance.

This edition of Sage also offers extremely tight security, providing the best protection of personal information. With this quality accounting solution, your accounting team can manage the company’s finances accurately. This will enable you to make informed, beneficial business decisions at critical moments. You will always feel confident about your company’s finances with Sage accounting products.

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What Does It Offer?

  • The fastest processing speeds possible for your accounting data
  • Superior management of multiple large data sets such as customer, vendor, and inventory
  • Greater accommodation of named users: 1-10, 15, 20, 30, or 40, either local or remote
  • Advanced audit trail features for better performance
  • Access to 140+ customizable reports for your convenience

Any business manager or owner can improve profits by a wide margin with this software. It will increase your ability to view business performance, creating greater awareness of your company in terms of growth and achievement.

Benefits of Use

By upgrading to the 2015 version, you can do away with the burdensome task of manually manipulating tax tables. If your business currently has Peachtree Quantum 2012 or an earlier version of the Sage software, you can upgrade easily for beneficial new features. For complete access, you should also have a Sage 50 Payroll solution – either the Sage Business Care Gold or Sage Business Care Platinum subscription. This allows the new 2015 accounting solution to calculate your taxes, liabilities, and benefits on payroll checks.

In addition, the subscription provides you with access to payroll tax forms. Having this access enables you to use features such as the Exception, Payroll Tax, Tax Liability, or Sick and Vacation leaves. It also allows you to use any custom reports that are based on your company records. Without a subscription, you will still have to manually enter tax, benefit, and liability figures on your payroll checks. Furthermore, not having a subscription limits you to running payroll reports that are not formerly listed.