Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree)

An Accounting solution is too important to the longevity of a business to trust a software package that claims to be “easy to use” by taking short cuts.  Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) is designed for the businesses that take their accounting seriously; enabling them to make better financial decisions based upon accurate numbers, enabling them to really understand how their business is performing.  With comprehensive solutions based on real, double entry accounting principles, audit trails and automatic accounting checks, Sage 50 Accounting gives you the accuracy and control you need to get the best results for your business.

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Sage 50 Quantum

The most important factor in developing a long lasting business is your accounting solution. To keep your business going strong, you will need a serious product that can manage all of your accounting issues and provide you with accurate reports, 100% of the time. Never trust software that takes shortcuts, prioritizing ease of use over accuracy. With Sage 50 Quantum (formerly called Peachtree Quantum), you will find a product that is comprehensive and accurate as well as simple to manage.

Sage 50 Quantum enables you to make the most informed financial decisions possible. This software always provides you with accuracy in terms of numbers, which increases your understanding of your business’s performance. Furthermore, this comprehensive accounting solution utilizes realistic tools to aid performance, including audit trails, double entry accounting principles, and automatic accounting checks.

Accounting has never been easier to control or more accurate than with Sage 50 Quantum. This efficient solution is the answer to all of your accounting problems and headaches. Consider our wide range of Sage software to see what product is right for you and your business. Don’t waste your time with less accurate software; get the best results you can with our Sage software.

Other Popular Software We Carry

At Quantum Buyers, we carry the entire range of top quality Sage accounting software. Although Sage 50 Quantum has a new name, this product still provides the same superior accounting solutions for your business. Do you struggle with financial decisions due to inaccurate reports? Is your company lagging because of inefficient accounting software? Look no further than our Sage software for all of your business accounting needs.

What can our software solutions offer you? First and foremost, Peachtree Quantum provides streamlined solutions for more efficient accounting. The dashboard view feature enables single or multiple view, making it unique from other products. In addition, this software has a multitude of comprehensive features for your convenience. The advanced analytics and powerful reporting tools make it the number one choice for any business.

Our complete line of Sage products includes a wide variety of software types for various industries. This includes construction, manufacturing, distribution, and non-profits, all of which have specific Sage products to assist them. Contact Quantum Buyers today to inquire about our line of software and find out how this accounting solution can benefit you.