Sage Software recently released a new offering of its ever-popular Sage 50 software called “Sage 50c”.  The “c” in Sage 50c stands for “cloud” and is an exciting change for the solution which up to now has only stored its data locally.  Sage 50 c is sold through an annual subscription plan and comes with unlimited support through Sage Software.

See the difference between Sage 50c and Sage 50 traditional products below.

With this new subscription-based software offering, Sage 50 software users now have 2 different licensing options available to them.

OPTION 1:  Sage 50 Traditional Product (Perpetual License Owned by the User) No Longer Available – Click Here to Learn Why

When you purchase Sage 50 in the “Traditional” manner, you own what is referred to as a Perpetual License.  This means you own and can use the software as long as you want, even past the point that it is supported by Sage Software.  You can purchase all versions of Sage 50 (Sage 50 Pro, Sage 50 Premium, and Sage 50 Quantum) as perpetual licenses.

OPTION 2:  Sage 50c (Annual Subscription License)

When you purchase Sage 50c, it is sold as a Subscription License that is renewed annually.  This means you have access to the software as long as you keep your subscription plan up to date.  If your Sage 50c Subscription plan expires, you will be able to view your data, but will not be able to enter new or edit existing data.  If your subscription plan expires it can be reactivated.

Your Sage 50c purchase includes the following:

  • Unlimited access to Sage Software support, automatically delivered updates.
  • Cloud access for you, your employees and your accountant. (1)
  • Freedom to select users, payment options and add-ons that are right for your business.
  • Your information is always available, your files always accessible.
  • Plus, access to these connected services:
    • Credit card processing right inside your software (2)
    • In-house or full-service payroll processing (3)

Sage 50c Subscription FAQs

What is the new Sage Security Shield that comes with Sage 50cloud subscription products?

The Sage Security Shield feature is available to all new and renewing Sage 50cloud customers. To begin using this feature, customers must register and create their online account. Customers will receive an email with a registration link within 48-72 hours of renewing or purchasing their Sage 50cloud subscription beginning October 1, 2020.   Learn more about Sage Security Shield.

What if I need assistance?

Your subscription service includes access to Sage Software help and advice by phone, chat, email and online.  Sage Software’s support analysts are even able to diagnose and help solve issues by remotely accessing your software – only with your permission.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription up to seven days before your renewal date.  You will have up to 20 days after the expiration date to continue to use the software.  After 20 days, the product will operate in read-only mode.  You may view existing information but may not record new transactions.

Do I need Internet connectivity?

The Sage 50 subscription service requires Internet access at least once every 20 days to verify entitlement and ensure the product is up to date.  Unfortunately, Sage Software is not able to offer the subscription service to customers without Internet connectivity.

  1. Sage Drive is only available to customers on the latest release of Sage 50c Accounting and requires a computer with Internet Explorer 10, Firefox or Chrome and a high-speed Internet connection.  Sage 50 data may only be accessed from one additional device, by one person at a time, and there are limits as to the amount of data that can be accessed.  Data access is subject to Internet provider network availability and occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance.
  2. Subject to approval and to Sage Payment Solutions terms and conditions.  Additional fees, Internet access, and credit card required.
  3. Features and fees vary by solution. A Sage Business Care annual plan or subscription with payroll and use of the current version of Sage 50 is required for all payroll features and functionality.  Includes the latest federal and state tax law changes and over 260 federal and state forms.  Plans and subscriptions are auto renewing and subsequent years/months will be billed to the same credit card on the anniversary date of your purchase at the then-current rate.  Year-end payroll tax forms (such as W-2s and 1099s) are updated at the end of the calendar year.  Forms (except W-2s) for PR and USVI are not supported.