Sage 50 - the new era of Sage Peachtree

Sage 50 Quantum

Sage 50 Quantum (formerly Peachtree Quantum) allows you to achieve more every day. Providing support to up to 40 users and offering industry-specific functionalities, this management software is the most advanced member of the Sage 50 product line. Designed for high-performance and complex processes, it can help the most demanding businesses outperform the competition.

With a 5 user solution starting at $799 Sage 50 Quantum represents the best value enterprise level accounting software on the market.

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Our goal is to give your business an edge over your competitors by offering an excellent customer service experience. We have intensive knowledge on each product we offer and provide assistance on how you can maximize it. Expect hands-on guidance from our certified consultants, along with a hassle-free experience when you decide to purchase our products.

We offer top of the line Peachtree Quantum (is now Sage 50 Quantum) products that can help you access important information at the soonest time possible. Our products feature useful components like double- entry accounting, internal accounting checks, advanced analytics, tight security, and powerful reporting. Our software will provide your team with accurate numbers to assist with important business decisions. Our Sage 50 Quantum (formerly Sage Peachtree Quantum) products are comprehensive accounting solutions that offer important key features like multi-company consolidations and advanced budgeting. Other key features include a serialized inventory with access to over 140 customizable reports and financial statements. Our software has a customizable dashboard view available in single, three, or five-user version. This improves productivity with screen-level access control and crucial analysis tools. We conduct our business with integrity and credibility. These two important factors have been the key to our success as we continue to provide you top-quality products that help you achieve your goals.