A Business News Daily feature dated November 13, 2013 discusses the usefulness of online payroll services. All companies are required to properly administer their payroll as mandated by labor codes, though the process can be convoluted at times. The article suggests leaving the computing work to online services that are willing to sift through and organize records:

From making sure employees are paid on time to ensuring all tax regulations are being followed, payroll management can be one of the most tedious tasks a business owner completes each month.

Knowing how time-consuming it can be, many businesses employ the use of online payroll services.  Outsourcing payroll to an online payroll service makes the process simple, quick and virtually painless.  Whether it is used for hourly or salaried employees or freelancers, online payroll services ensure all employees are being paid the correct amount and on time.

In addition, the best payroll services have the option to file and pay a business’s payroll taxes so owners or payroll managers can eliminate worry.  Online payroll companies will also handle your new employee reporting and year-end W-2 and 1099 processing.

While very useful for companies that have difficulty preparing their payroll, most of these online services require that their clients use certain business management software for recording. Indeed, having a virtual space to store payroll data would be useful for any company. Thus, businesses should consider acquiring such systems of their own, such as Sage Quantum software, in order to better optimize their payroll management.

Accounting software such as Sage Quantum isn’t just for taking down payroll data. The system provides a virtual means of bookkeeping, with multiple special features added such as automatically saving backup files and providing a helpful audit trail for every change made to the ledger. The software is also designed to allow multiple authorized users to edit and use the records. This feature allows users to easily outsource bookkeeping duties (such as payroll management) to other entities.

Before a business purchases a Sage 50 Quantum program, it should first consider the features it really needs from the software. The program is available in different varieties, with premium packages offering more functionality than regular copies. Businesses should first consult a Sage retailer such as Quantum Buyers LLC to know exactly which software package they should use.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Best Online Payroll Services, Business News Daily, November 13, 2013)