Accounting virtually went back to the dark ages when Sage’s servers crashed for more than 24 hours, Gavin Clarke of The Register reported earlier this September. New and existing accounts that upgraded to the all-new Sage 50, formerly Peachtree Quantum, were left without an accounting suite and resorted to writing invoices and ledger entries by hand. The service was eventually restored, with the server crash attributed to the firm’s database provider. Nevertheless, the so-called “blackout” showed something worth noting.

Imagine doing business without a fast and efficient way of keeping track of what goes in and out of a company. Sage 50 customers were surely set back in this daily task when they were unable to register their new accounting software. To use most software, users need to verify their copy with a serial code before they can use a program fully. The blackout ruined any chances of them immediately doing so.

The blackout only affected users who were required to enter the registration code, not users with working copies of Sage 50. Yet even if the number of customers affected was relatively small, those customers were forced to issue invoices the hard, time-consuming way. Without their Sage 50, they went back to using a pen and paper for accounting, reporting, inventory, and payroll. They also faced tons of paperwork to organize and oversee.

It doesn’t take a master’s degree in business to realize that technology has changed the way people do business. The Internet opened up tons of new avenues by which inventory, accounting, and payroll can be done more effectively and conveniently—and businesses are truly using it for this purpose.

The Sage 50 blackout presented what a technology-less business world would look like. It showed that while technology may be prone to failure, it’s important for it not to fail, especially when people need it the most. Innovations such as professional Sage 50 Quantum software form the backbone of business accounting in most parts of the world today. Software and support providers such as Quantum Buyers make sure they keep their customers informed about how to best use these marvels, as well as how important these are.