Keyboard shortcuts are always a popular request, so we’ve compiled a list of the handiest keyboard shortcuts available in most versions of Sage 50 Quantum.

Sage 50 Quantum keyboard shortcuts can be difficult to get used to at first, but once you get them programmed into your brain, you’ll find yourself faster than ever.  Some of the standard keyboard shortcuts that you’ve been using forever in Microsoft Word are also relevant in Sage 50 Quantum too.  We’ve listed a few common ones below.

Sage 50 Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + X:  Cut
Ctrl + C:  Copy
Ctrl + V:  Paste
Ctrl + O:  Open a company
Ctrl + N:  New company
Ctrl + B:  Backup company
Ctrl + R:  Restore company
Ctrl + F:  Find
Ctrl + P:  Print whichever invoice, report, payment or quote is displayed

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts above we’ve compiled a helpful list of keyboard and function key shortcuts as well as a helpful list of other general tips.

View the full Sage 50 Quantum keyboard and function key shortcut list.