Sage 50 has entered its second year under a brand new Sage line. So far, it’s as strong as it had been during the days when it was known Peachtree was among the first products that revolutionized business software accounting for SMEs. While Sage is often associated with Peachtree, it didn’t acquire the product until 1998.

A small-time software publisher began development on Peachtree as early as 1978. However, even with the name change, the reliability and simplicity of the accounting software remains. The 2014 version of the former Sage Quantum, available now at Quantum Buyers, comes with everything older versions had and more. as Peachtree. The change in naming convention, which occurred in May 2012, is set to make the Sage brand even stronger, grouping all its products like one big happy family. Relatively speaking, Sage 50 is still the Peachtree small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have known and loved. Pedro Hernandez of Small Business Computing, however, says it’s only better than ever.

Streamlined Invoicing

Simplicity means working with as few functions as possible without sacrificing the quality of service and accuracy of accounting. Sage reduced the number of steps necessary to input multiple invoices for a unique customer. This works when the customer decides to pay in check for all of his existing invoices, saving SMEs precious time and energy. Important data such as credit due and customer details have also been consolidated in one window for ease of use.

Better Quote Monitoring

Sales opportunities present themselves, but they won’t wait for SMEs to complete their paperwork. Sage made it simple to “turn sticky notes to databases” with Sage 50’s Quote Status feature, which organizes quotes to confirm actual sales. This allows SMEs to never miss a sales opportunity the moment it knocks on their door. It can certainly solve a problem, as recent studies show that many companies are wasting a lot due to failure to respond to opportunities as quickly as possible.

Sage Advisor

The guided learning system Sage Advisor returns to the 2014 version of the former Sage Peachtree Quantum, fully upgraded. Think of it as that paperclip or doggie helper in older versions of Microsoft Office, helping users make the most out of Sage 50.

This feature just goes to show that you don’t need to be an expert in accounting software to use something as simple as Sage 50. It has already been simplified for your convenience.