Managing business finances is no joke. After all, accounting is a rough job with numbers that needs an organized database.’s latest review with Sage 50 Quantum Accounting, formerly known as the Peachtree Quantum series, makes it sound like a business solution software classic:

“The products formerly known as Peachtree have matured to the point where there’s little more they can add in terms of small business financial processing features. In fact, they hit that wall a few years ago. So the emphasis in upgrades has been on how work is done, rather than what the products can actually do.

This means that Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is quite capable of handling the basic work required of a GAAP-compliant, double-entry accounting PC application. Its front end—the part that you as a user see—is designed to be understood by non-accountants.”

Sage Group LLC, or simply “Sage”, is an enterprise software company that provides several business solutions software. It is currently the third largest supplier of enterprise resourcing planning software and largest supplier to small businesses.

Sage software ranges from accounting and ERP to assets, construction, and real estate. Sage’s products have been a long time favorite of the many. The need for software solutions specializing in the finance department such as Sage Payment Solutions, a payroll software, is gaining usage and importance among contractors, according to lists reasons why business software solutions are needed. These applications make the jobs easier and improve the ends. CRM software, for example, makes it easier for the sales team to be more effective in finding out what customers need.

Moving on now to Peachtree Quantum 2015 software (now Sage 50 Accounting 2015), the newest series has faster processing and advanced management of larger data sets such as customer, vendor, and inventory. It can now also accommodate named users better than before (now from 1 to 40) and has a new feature: Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting, for monitoring the business’ performance.

Bookkeeping has always been a tedious and prolonged task with a lot of physical clutter. Keeping the spreadsheets, accounting, and managing finances will make business processes smoother, and all other clerical tasks will be easier with Sage 50. Sage 50 can be acquired from certified resellers like Quantum Buyers, LLC, along with free upgrades during your first year of purchase and free technical support. This is the solution to managing your business.

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