Numbers, cash flow, and financial records all sound very difficult to comprehend and manage, and businesses can’t really escape from them. There is computer software available, however, that can help them manage financial affairs without the need for handwritten receipts and invoices.

With Sage 50 Accounting, you can do a variety of tasks in record time with minimal effort. This program ensures accuracy and reliability for a company’s financial records and aids in the management of invoicing and business taxes. Sage One has a free update and an article on AccountacyAge reports:

The “Collaborate” update is for the existing online product by the company, Sage One. It is designed to allow accountants to send files securely via the internet, eliminating the need to use two programs to share information with clients.

The software includes an automatic audit trail function, which allows accountants to see whether clients have viewed documents.

The update will be automatic and free for Sage One Accountants Edition customers and members of the Sage Accountants Club.

Head of the Sage Accountants Division Paul Tooth said: “Accountants were telling us one of their biggest frustrations is that they have no way of tracking their correspondence with clients.

This new update can help accountants begin the transition to online platforms such as cloud computing in a smooth and efficient manner. Utilizing the Internet can allow them to adopt faster communications and transactions with their clients. The Sage Quantum software is available in different packages that are equipped with various features.

The Sage 50 Pro and Complete Accounting software packages contain features in standard accounting, such as the creation of ledgers, invoices, and financial statements, and in business management, such as inventory sheets, customer contact information history, and audit trail reporting. The Sage 50 Premium, meanwhile, is more fully equipped, with additional features like comparing yearly budgets, tracking and processing job orders, and advanced accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting tasks. These versions are available for purchase from Sage Peachtree Quantum resellers such as Quantum Buyers, LLC.

Businesses then have different options to choose from depending on what is appropriate for them.  With the power of modern technology, business life is easier than it has ever been.

(From Sage launches “Collaborate” for online accounting, Accountancy Age, September 20, 2013)