Customers are Sage’s top priority and the lifeline of their organization.

They consistently operate with their customer’s best interests in mind and offer professional assistance — through online self-service options, world-class assisted support, and an extensive network of business partners and certified consultants.

The Sage Customer Services team delivers an innovative advisory approach to help customers better utilize and derive more value from Sage solutions. In addition to answering Sage program-related questions and resolving technical concerns, Sage Customer Services proactively offers valuable advice on using Sage solutions to their fullest potential – helping customers realize a higher return on investment.

Sage Customer Services can assist you with the following Sage Software support-related inquiries.

Category Where Sage Support can Help
  • Installation & Upgrades
  • Clarification of any installation or upgrade steps
  • Troubleshooting problems/issues encountered during installation and upgrades
  • Setup/Configuration
  • Data Migration/Conversion
  • Clarification on what various fields and codes mean and how to use them
  • Guidance on how to fix problems
  • Troubleshooting problems encountered during setup, configuration, and data conversion of Sage products
  • Recommendations on the usage of Sage products in your organization
  • Data Entry
  • Product Operations
  • Guidance on how to fix problems created by incorrect data entry through the Sage product interface
  • Clarification on what various fields mean or processes you may find confusing
  • Troubleshooting problems encountered with data entry or product operations
  • Troubleshooting Sage product-related errors and messages
  • Import/Export
  • Guidance on the proper format for improting data into your Sage product
  • Troubleshooting errors or problems encountered when importing or exporting data for purpose of a company rebuild
  • Example of a standard Import/Export format
  • Reports and Forms
  • Clarification of what various reporting options mean
  • Troubleshooting problems encountered when setting up or running standard reports
  • Guidance on creating/refining a basic report to meet your reporting needs
  • Guidance on basic problems encountered with Sage-provided reporting tools such as Crystal Reports
  • Hardware, opeating systems (OS)
  • Database platforms
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Cloud platform, browser, etc.
  • Clarification of system recommendations and requirements
  • Guidance on any specific configuration settings required by your Sage product
  • Troubleshooting printing errors received in your Sage product when printing is working otherwise
  • Network connectivity
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues within your Sage product when your supported network infrastructure is otherwise working
  • Troubleshooting connectivity to a Sage hosting center when internet connectivity is working
  • Training
  • Provide documentation and resources
  • Answers to basic how-to questions

Sage aims to ensure that their customers receive exceptional service from the best resource available to answer questions quickly and accurately. They work to resolve customers’ Sage product-specific questions and concerns; however, when customers are experiencing issues outside the scope of Sage products, they will refer customers to the appropriate resource best equipped to assist with those issues.  These resources may be a Sage-authorized business partner, a certified consultant, or a third-party provider. The Sage Expert Services and Sage Learning Services teams offer various fee-based services.

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