How do I create a backup?

How to create a backup of company data in Sage 50 US.


Section 1: Performing a backup in the program

  1. Open the company you wish to backup.
  2. Select File, and then click Back Up.
  3. Select Reminder box if you want to be prompted to back up in a specified number of days.
  4. Select Include company name box if you want to incorporate your company name in the backup file.
  5. Select Include archives in the backup, if desired.
  6. Select Include attachments in the backup, if desired.
  7. Select Back Up button to enter or select where you want to save your backup file.

Note: The backup saves to the company data location, unless a different location is selected. If there is not sufficient disk space to save the backup, the process will fail.

  1. Click Save button.
  2. Click OK.

Note: Depending on the quantity of data, the backup process may take a while to complete. Be patient and do not interrupt the process. If you interrupt the backup process, you might damage your data.

Section 2: Saving the backup to external media

Follow Article ID 12249: How do I backup to external media?

Note: The CD-R/CD-RW must be configured for read write access from Windows programs. You must be able to drag files onto the disk icon and have the system then burn the CD without running the software that came with the drive.

Section 3: Cloud backup with Microsoft 365

Follow Article ID 79594: How do I use the Microsoft 365 feature Cloud Backup?

Section 4: Saving the backup with third-party program

Follow your external program’s directions to backup the data folder(s) found using Article ID 10199: How to locate company directories.

How to restore a backup.


Note: Before restoring a backup, always verify that it is the correct backup, and that it is being restored to the correct company. If your data is overwritten by restoring a backup, the only way to recover it is to restore another backup.

  1. Select FileRestore
  2. Select Browse, select the desired backup, and then click Open
  3. Select Next
  4. Select the desired restore method:
    • Overwrite existing company data or An Existing Company
    • Create a new company using the restored data or A New Company
      Note: Select this option if you wish to restore the backup to a new folder. Doing so will not overwrite your existing data.
  5. Select Next
  6. Select the desired restore options:
    • Company Data
    • Customized Forms
    • Web Transactions
    • Intelligence Reporting Reports or Business Intelligence Reports
  7. Select Next
  8. Verify the restore options, and then select Finish
  9. The company will open once the restore completes

Note: If you want to change the company name because you restored to a new folder, you can do so by selecting Maintain, and then select Company Information.

Note: If you are restoring a backup from a previous version of Sage 50, you may have to convert the data. See Article ID 13613: How do I covert my company data?

Note: Restoring a backup in release 2020 and prior will remove the Sage Drive headers from the data set. This method can be used to remove the company from Sage Drive if using release 2020 or prior.