An interesting news feature posted on the Tech Page One website from February 20, 2014 discusses the advantages of cloud-based accounting for small businesses. While not necessarily a new technology, cloud hosting has recently gained popularity due to the unparalleled convenience it delivers.

The article stresses that small businesses can greatly benefit from cloud-based accounting software:


“It’s an understatement to say that accounting is a major challenge for small business owners. Accounting systems can help streamline and connect such detailed processes as maintaining records, processing invoices, and managing payroll.

With new types of cloud accounting software, these organizations now have access to the same digital resources as large enterprises. Cloud accounting enables small business owners to develop streamlined, powerful and “always-on” processes that integrate with a full suite of business software.”

Accounting can be a rather complicated process, and even the smallest companies can experience difficulties sorting through their records to prepare for tax returns as an example. Luckily, businesses can utilize the kind of accounting software that simplifies and neatly organizes the bookkeeping procedure. Top-of-the-line accounting tools such as Sage Quantum software are available from licensed vendors such as Quantum Buyers LLC.

When using the “ever-reliable” Sage Peachtree Quantum software, businesses only need to enter their transaction records and let the program do the rest. A software of this caliber also allows business owners to prepare employees’ payroll, along with the plethora of functions expected from leading edge accounting software. In addition, most accounting software utilizing cloud networks enable users to access and update their records while on the go.

(Source: Is cloud accounting right for your business?, Tech Page One, February 20, 2014)