Posted by: Jaima Grabner on November 5, 2014

It can be risky for businesses to undergo major redevelopments without some assurance that the changes would lead to profits; that is why they need suitable accounting software to give themselves a better view of their current situation. One popular restaurant franchise experienced such a drastic makeover, according to an article on the Forbes website, dated November 5, 2014. The article elaborates that this particular restaurant chain’s franchisees were initially skeptical of the bold new changes their brand was taking, but thanks to powerful software, they were finally convinced:


It took two trying years of negotiations to win them over. In one meeting a veteran franchisee railed against a chicken special, yelling at Bachelder, “You nearly bankrupted the system!”

Her counterpunch: data. With new accounting software in over 1,000 restaurants Bachelder could prove the promotion generated record operating profit. The system tracks restaurant profitability and delivers detailed quarterly reports comparing franchisee results against regional and national averages. Many chains don’t gather such data. “Popeyes is the true poster child for how collaboration produces for both parties,” says Aziz Hashim, a fast-food franchisee in Atlanta for 20 years, who sold off his other stores since coming to Popeyes in 2009.

Accounting software can do more than just help businesses maintain their financial records. Depending on its features, the software also provides an in-depth look at the growth and development of the business—invaluable data for when the company is at a crossroads and needs to make an informed decision. Businesses, therefore, should also consider using accounting software with features that will serve them well, such as Peachtree Quantum systems (now known as Sage 50).

Versatile Peachtree Quantum software (Sage 50) boasts a suite of functions to allow business owners to handle all matters of accounting—such as invoices, employee payment, check printing, and more—with just one software package. Not only does this offer a more streamlined process by eliminating the need to use other software, but it also means that all business transactions will be recorded in detail by Sage 50. The archived and comprehensive reports that the software can produce will come in handy for when businesses need to reassess themselves. This useful system can be purchased from licensed software resellers such as Quantum Buyers.

(Source: KFC Killer: How Popeyes Reinvented Itself To Win The Fried Chicken War,, Nov. 5, 2014)