Last month, we showed you how to make vendors and customers inactive. So now is a perfect time to consider getting rid of all those unnecessary files.

If you haven’t purged data recently (or at all) consider getting rid of inactive or unnecessary data now. This is especially important if your Sage 50 system is running slower than it used to, or your company file size is getting too large. It’s a perfect time after closing out your year, but you can do this any time.

This digital detox can help increase processing speed and keep your data clean… plus save loads of time by not having to sifting through long lists of unused items.

Getting rid of data can be unnerving, and using the word “purge” certainly doesn’t help. But the data you’re removing are just inactive vendors, employees, quotes, invoices, cost codes, GL accounts, inventory items, etc. The disk space and speed are far more valuable than those old records.

If you followed the steps from last month’s post to flush out inactive records, you know there are records worth purging. If you haven’t done that yet, go ahead and do it now [link from last month’s post here]; it only takes a few minutes and definitely worth it in the long run.

So how do you do it?

  1. Sage makes it easy with a Purge Wizard that will walk you through its straightforward process.
  2. Click on Customers & Sales -> scroll down to “System” -> and then select “Purge Wizard.”
  3. The Wizard offers the opportunity to create a backup of your company files before you get started; we highly recommend you do this.
  4. Use date parameters and then choose which transactions you want to remove (including vendors, employees, inactive customers, jobs, quotes, invoices, and purchase orders).
  5. You will then have the option to reconcile each account before you purge data.
  6. Next, you can select which inactive records you’d like to purge.

Once the purge is complete, consider taking your system maintenance one step further and compress the data.

  1. Go to File -> Maintenance -> Compress Data
  2. Select the specific areas in the system where you removed records.

Your system should be running smoother and more efficiently. If not, you may need a more robust accounting solution to handle larger data requirements.

Call 866-686-1329 or e-mail us at to help you understand all the options available to you. The new Sage 50 Quantum handles remarkably well; you might be amazed at how much more productive you could be.


photo attribution: gcpics/dollarphotoclub